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Mobility quality assurance

Mobile application testing originated as a minor adaptation of general application testing, but has rapidly assumed a highly specialized quality assurance (QA) flavor given the rapid proliferation of devices, device platforms, mobility standards, and the logarithmic adoption of mobile solutions for a variety of enterprise and consumer applications that were previously reserved to enterprise or home computing. Furthermore, the rapidly evolving mobile solution landscape and the lack of universal standards, tools, and matured segment-specific practices have led Mobile testing to a new level of challenges.

OMFYS understands the unique testing needs of the emerging mobile solutions segment and capitalizes on its extensive QA expertise to provide highly mature mobile solutions testing offerings that cover all key facets of Mobile testing needs.

QA services portfolio

  • General mobile application QA
  • Mobile automation testing
  • Mobile games testing
  • Cross-platform testing
  • OEM package validation
  • Device-specific validation
  • Performance testing
  • Compliance testing: PCI and HIPAA
  • Carrier-specific validation testing
  • Publisher validation testing: OEM HIG and publisher conformance
  • Usability testing
  • Security testing
  • Energy profiling
  • Field simulation testing