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Mobility Infrastructure Planning

Enterprise Mobility

Work today is mobile, there is no dispute about that. Yet the move to mobile involves risks if not managed by means of a distinct strategy, including an device and management strategy.

We will help you evaluate and plan your organization’s IT infrastructure in such a way that mobility and mobility management support your business goals. From the planning stage forward, we will ensure that the business case is on target and that you have the best devices and supporting services.

The choice of mobile devices is dictated by use and strategy. This can involve devices your company provides and supports as well as BYOD, or something in between. Whatever your needs, we will help you find the right solution. Our proof of concept (PoC) is the key means by which we ensure that your solution works in practice. PoC also provides information for solution development and deployment. After a successful PoC, the solution is ready to be efficiently implemented in your organization.

We cooperate closely with the field’s leading applications providers and device manufacturers, providing an excellent point of departure for finding the right solution for your company.


With our mobile infrastructure planning services, you can:

  • Verify the business case and harness mobility to the benefit of your bottom line
  • Make mobility and device choices that make mobile work easier and safer
  • Verify the usability and benefits
  • Get an easy-to-manage, cost-efficient solution