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OMFYS BAS ERP is effective multilevel ERP software that serves general and multi-location manufacturing business. It provides application to automate a variety of process, unique feature to the need of your organization and robust reporting and interactive features that provides a high return on investment.

OMFYS BAS ERP is configured to meet your specific requirements. Each installation is personalized to reflect your own business processes, giving you ultimate control over your business information.

BAS Salient Features

  • Centralized Master Data management like Item, Suppliers, Customers,
  • Modular structure facilitating stand alone implementation features,
  • Real Time Inventory,
  • Specifically tuned for Manufacturing industries,
  • Audit Compliance & Governance,
  • Centralized Price List and Discount feature,
  • Multi-Operating Units,
  • Role wise user security access and user management,
  • To Do List,
  • Report to support wide range of MIS,
  • User friendly and easy export to MS Excel.

Unique Features for Inventory Control

  • Perpetual Inventory Management Real Time Inventory Snap,
  • Sub-Inventory and Locator Management Traceability,
  • Integration with scanner system to marry Part No, Locator, Date to facilitate FIFO,
  • FIFO based picking advice Inventory Control,
  • Integration with Tally via excel file import/export,
  • Barcode to track part number throughout its production lifecycle,
  • Manual intervention / data entry reduced,
  • Centralized MIS,
  • Low cost, reliable maintenance since multiple systems/applications not involved.

Unique features for Manufacturing Operations

  • Real Time Inventory consumption based on BOM configuration
  • FG Lot Traceability,
  • Daily Production Report entry by operators for break down, production, take up and pay off, Machine level OEE report,
  • Integrated multistage QC dashboard, supports sampling method,
  • Bulk job import and release,
  • Multiple UOM support and conversion,
  • Barcode label printing at various stages,
  • Centralized MIS.

Available with right Advanced Technology

  • Mobility Ready,
  • BI Ready & Dashboard,
  • Automated Email System,
  • Service Ticket,
  • Web-Based,
  • EDI Integration,
  • Bar Code Integration,
  • Automated patching for new release,
  • Supply Value Chain approach,
  • Integrated model with Tally.

Procure to Pay (P2P)

BAS provides you the right tools to optimize your procurement cycle and maintain excellent vendor relations. The automated and rules-based procure-to-pay processing capabilities of the solution optimize workflow to facilitate improved Quality and Quantity Management, Vendor Management, and Cash Flow Management. With its enhanced reporting and communication tools such as the Supplier Portal, you can improve communication with vendors, reduce transaction-processing costs and errors, and speed up the financial settlement cycle.

  • Respond efficiently to cross-departmental purchase requests for materials,
  • Maintain vendor history, and rate vendors,
  • Compare quotations,
  • Inspect quality of received materials, and return damaged goods for rework,
  • Ensure prompt receipt and payments,
  • Choose appropriate payment methods,
  • Sync up with Finance for creating proper entries.

Order to Cash (O2C)

BAS enables you to quickly process and translate an order from your customer into cash, while also providing an ideal customer experience in every way. With well-designed interfaces and tools, you can collaborate better with customers, reduce receivables and outstanding, decrease order-to-cash processing costs, and accelerates financial collection cycles for optimal sales terms.

  • Know your customers better: serve them better and mitigate risks,
  • Maintain and track quotations submitted to customers,
  • Assign customers to sales persons and maintain sales targets,
  • Perform stock-check during order booking, and make delivery commitments that you can honor,
  • Handle various methods of sales such as drop ship sales and direct sales,
  • Select an appropriate receipt method (Cheque/ DD/ Direct Debit/ etc.), and also reward loyalty points for customer sales.

Outsourced/Outside Processing (OSP)

Subcontracting process of 57F4 is followed and whenever you are sending the material for subcontracting from your factory. As per the Excise department it should accompany a challan saying that it is not for sale & it is for work and you have to declare the value of the goods that you are sending out. OMFYS helped client to develop a unique solution to their OSP process requirement to achieve high performance.

  • Capable of capturing location information of group SCM and Logistics Standardization with Stock Management and Reconciliation,
  • Leading position in the most important target markets,
  • Development of the division into a system Supplier.

Production Cycle (PC)

BAS has the processes and methods used to transform tangible inputs (raw materials, semi-finished goods, subassemblies) and intangible inputs (ideas, information, knowledge) into goods or services. Resources are used in this process to create an output that is suitable for use or has exchange value.

  • Real Time Inventory consumption based on BOM configuration,
  • FG Lot Traceability,
  • Integrated multistage QC dashboard, supports sampling method,
  • Bulk job import and release,
  • FIFO based picking advice — Inventory Control,
  • Integration with Tally via excel file import/export.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

BAS gives you a 360-degree view of your complete sales cycle and pipeline. Identify trends, spot opportunities, increase efficiency and reduce costs with the right answers, right now. Attract, Retain and Delight More Customers. Grow your company into a customer-focused organization.

  • Prioritize and Sell Smarter,
  • Automate and Be Productive,
  • Track your sales Activates.

BAS modules

OMFYS Offerings

ERP Implementation & Support for Manufacturing, distribution & EPC Business Processes

1. BAS ERP Is an integrated Business Application Solutions specially designed for Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing and EPC business processes. BAS has been designed, and developed by experts of OMFYS. BAS has been successfully deployed in several companies. Integrated Business Management, through an efficient Business Application System, will give an Organization the ‘competitive edge’. BAS is capable to transform your production/multi-location manufacturing business process to real time and online processes.

2. BAS Software is developed in Modular Architecture, which has 30 Plus modules. All these modules are real time integrated and cater to the business processes cycles like Procure to Pay, Order to Cash, Manufacturing Operations an planning, and Financial process. One could implement as many modules and as per the business need. In other words, we can implement only the modules those are required.

3. BAS software is developed using latest technology and 3 tier architecture. Any technology update or new releases would be incorporated immediately to leverage the functionality and usability of the application

4. BAS is a web based enterprise ERP solutions. It can be deployed on cloud or on Premise as per your requirement.

Key Features

  • Export and Import Transactions
  • Global Taxation Management
  • Hierarchy Management System for Approval
  • Automatic Alerts Configurable
  • KPI Based one Window MIS Dashboard
  • TO DO list system – as per the Users to list our the open tasks and alerts
  • List of all masters, easy to export in excel or pdf format
  • Standardised User Access Security, meets the audit compliance
  • Transactions are undeletable
  • General Ledger with Drill Down Feature
  • Multi locations/Multiple branches configurable
  • Multi Currency Feature
  • Default Chart of Accounts, configurable up to 7 Segment account Codes
  • Barcode Integration Ready
  • FIFO based picking advice – Inventory Control
  • Capability to configure Mobile based approvals
  • Easy to integrate with Legacy Financial System or any other Legacy applications
  • Can be deployed on Cloud as well as on premise environment
  • VAT/GST Compliance supported and Ready