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Robotic process automation (rpa)

Robotic Process Automation is set a company apart from competitors and are highly valuable in terms of shaping business’s digital operations strategy. RPA can help to digitally transform business and unlock value by providing numerous benefits :

OMFYS Offerings

  • Automation Anywhere’s Digital Workforce Platform


Automate anything, no matter the complexity

  • Transform a complex process into a single mouse click.
  • Create automation tasks in minutes.
  • Automate FTP/SFTP processes.


Centerlized control, distribution and analysis

  • Run scheduled tasks even when the computer is locked.
  • Easily manage automated processes.
  • Easily manage automation users with a scalable server.
  • Maintain centralized systems for backup, security, and resources.


Visually document any process with the click of a button

  • Automate scripts that exist in disparate formats.
  • Capture and reuse automated processes in a central repository.
  • Schedule and execute batch data processing with ease.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is disruptive technology solution in terms of Digital Workforce transformation.

What is Digital Workforce?