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Business Applications Solutions

IT infrastructure is the back-bone of an organization. To derive optimal performance, it is not enough to design your IT Infrastructure and applications to provide the esired business outcomes. You must also ensure high availability, high performance and high service levels by putting in place robust IT services. The key challenge, for IT organizations, is to deliver efficient and high-quality services for managing IT,at optimal cost.

OMFYS Application Management (AM) services ensure that your business applications are managed and operated on a 24×7 basis to provide a secure, high-performance platform for business. OMFYS’s Global Delivery Model and ITIL-based processes ensure that all this is done within your time and budget constraints. Our AM service focuses on transforming your applications support delivery to a service model with predictable service levels.

Application Management Service Model
  • The service model provides a set of process frameworks, a pricing engine and a flexible governance model to transform support services to improve productivity, achieve higher operational efficiency, and cost predictability. Typical elements of the model:
  • Enabling clients to be “hands-off” on routine operational issues
  • Focusing on user satisfaction rather than transactions, by proactively surveying users at set intervals to understand their issues and take appropriate action
  • Process streamlining and standardization based on the ITIL framework
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) driven metrics with a penalty and bonus regime
  • Incident / asset based pricing, usually within a floor and cap range
  • Formal processes for governance, change management and communications
  • Addressing scalability, resource efficiency, cost control by consolidating and rationalizing services, resource utilization and shift workload balancing, etc